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How Do I Choose a Money Making Business?

Choosing a Home Base Business is not easy. There are thousands of Business Opportunities out there.  If you use a search engine to find what’s out there, you will be bombarded with many business opportunities. If you look in the newspaper you will come across the same problem. Some advertisements are misleading, others are confusing and others simply do not meet your needs.   Some home based businesses require that you invest a lot of money to get started.  You will need to have a huge inventory of product in your home to sell at a retail price.  Plus, you will have to spend many hours hunting for customers and advertising in order to make money. 

So, how do you find the right type of Home Base Business?


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Special Event Biz

Would you like to work only a few a hours a week and make good money?

Would you like to work form Home?

Do you like helping people?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, then maybe the Linen Rental Business is for you. You will have the opportunity to work with people who are getting ready to celebrate a special event in their lives.  You can help their event look beautiful and elegant.

It does not matter if you are a stay at home mom, a college student, male, or female.  This business can be run by  anyone who is willing to put some effort into it.   

I have been in the party supply business since 1989. I first opened my party supply store as a college student.  I needed to make some money to pay for my college books and car gas. Not long after opening my own retail store I moved into the rental business.  My customers started to ask for tables, chairs, tents and table covers. I had no choice but provide them with what they needed.  That was just good business.

Soon the whole family was in business renting tables and chair, selling balloons, and renting linens. The linen rental business is the easiest to run, because it doesn’t require a warehouse to store inventory.

Now twenty years later, I’m married. I have three kids and we are still in business. So, ladies their is no excuse.  You can make money and still stay at home with the kids! Running a linen rental business does require some time and effort, but it is possible to make money. You can stay as small as you want go grow as large as you want.  The choice is yours. 

If you are ready to start your own business, but you don’t have a lot of money, or have no idea how to start, then this is probably a good book to read.  It will walk you though the process step by step.





How to Start a Linen Rental Business,will give you all the essential information you need to start and run your business successfully. Some of the  topics covered are:

□ Start up costs

How to raise the money for your start up

How to Promote Your Business

Where to get your linen

How to take care of your inventory

A Sample Contract to use in your business

And much much more!

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How to Make Your Own Chair Covers,

How to Make Your Own Table clothes,

How to Make Your Own Sashes

for Renting or Selling  for a discount.  The DVD will be out sometime in the summer. I’ll e-mail you when its ready.

There is a 60 day refund guarantee.  If in 60 day you feel that you did not learn anything worth while or if you are unhappy with the information for any reason, then I will refund you your money back. 

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Hello. Yes, I finally got the e-mailed book. I enjoyed it, and have to tell you that it was not what I expected, but it has forced me to re-think plans for a linen service. My wife and I operate several laundromats, and find ourselves looking for additional services that we can offer. Linen service is at the top of our list, because it can be very profitable, and we can get into it rather easily. Our thinking was that we had to have a huge stock of linens, along with a large capacity ironer. Now we are reconsidering . . . small may be better. Ken


Customer Questions and Answers:


Hi there

I was curious where and how the inventory is handled?


Hi Darryl,

I usually separate my linen into large boxes. I put all chair overs in one and table cloths in another. I separate my sashes and overlays by color and store them also in separate boxes. I label my boxes so that when I stack them up I can know exactly what is in each box. I use big boxes because you don't what to create too many creases in your linen, other wise you'll have a hard time trying to get the wrinkles out.

After all my linen has been washed and boxed I use one of my closets to stack the boxes. I know of some places the actually hang their linen on pant hangers, the ones that have clips to hold the legs. That will work also, but you will need a lot of hangers, and a pole to hang them on.

I hope that answers your question.


Still not sure that this is the right business for you? Here is some more information that might interest you and give more ideas.

Do Your Special Event Chairs Look Dull and Boring?

Do Your Special Event Chairs Look Dull and Boring?
By Janet Ireland

Are you aware of the bold statement that chair covers and table linens can provide for a special occasion? Are you planning for a special event, like a banquet, a commencement ceremony, a wedding, an engagement party, or some other truly elegant event that requires coordination in style, bold colors, and an attractive and visually appealing look to it? If you are renting chairs for an event like this, why not seriously research and choose your chair cover rentals as well? Most rental chairs are simple and boring and some have certainly seen better days.

Rather than allow your guests to sit in chairs that are constructed from cold metal, or chipped wood with scuffed padding and hard surfaces, you should explore what chair cover rentals can do for you. Chair covers provide more than just a cover for the rental chairs - they also provide cushioning and additional support for older, worn chairs. Finding chairs in large quantities for special events is difficult unless you rent them, but unfortunately most rental chairs truly have seen better days, and they show signs of wear and tear that would easily tell your guests how many other people have been seated in them previously.

What Can Chair Cover Rentals do for Your special Event?

By renting quality chair covers, you can add bold color and style to your elegant or special event simply and easily. They come in a virtually endless supply and variety of different styles, themes, colors and textures. No matter what your individual needs are, you should have little if any trouble finding exactly what themes, colors, styles and textures you feel would match up nicely for your event. Are you looking for soft, silky crushed velvet chair covers? Or stunning and bold satin chair covers? Looking for something more elegant, perhaps, lamour chair cover rentals?

No matter what your individual needs are, you should be able to find exactly what you want from a variety of different companies handling linen rentals, which should include both chair covers and table linens as well. If you are looking for big, bold organza bows tied to the back of each of the chairs, or if you are looking for silky and lacy chair covers that have heavy padding with a sleek look, you can find just about anything you want in the form of high quality elegant linens for your special occasion.

Chair Cover Rentals Create Bold and Elegant Statements

No matter what type of event you are planning, be it a commencement ceremony or an elegant wedding, chair cover rentals can be just the detail that you need to add in order elegance and boldness to your event. Your guests do appreciate these special touches that you put into the special events and occasions that you host, and they will understand how much time and energy you put into the planning phase when everything coordinates perfectly, colors and styles and everything else.

While it may seem like the themes of your chair cover rentals are not a big deal, it's these little details that can actually play a very large part in creating the perfect appearance. Special occasions like weddings, engagement parties, business meetings and other events are best when everything coordinates perfectly, and that means choosing linen rentals like table linen rentals and chair covers that fit in with the rest of the theme of the event.

Janet Ireland is an expert wedding decor writer for Magical Party She has been passionate about wedding planning ideas and themes for over 15 years. Magical Party is a popular Internet location for wedding linen rental ideas to turn your special day into a Magical one.

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